About us

Kindigital are a multi disciplined and talented team covering the whole spectrum of the digital world.

About us

Kindigital was founded by Gavin Bewley-Jones and is made up of talented people who have worked at various agencies in their digital lives.

Gavin himself has been building client sites since the dark days of HTML 2, which was more years ago than he cares to remember, 15 to be precise!

He and his team have previously earned their stripes at well renowned agencies such as, Graphico (now Jaywing), Purestone, and more recently the Digitial Parent Company.

As technology, and the industry in general, has changed so much since those heady days of HTML 2, the team at Kindigital are always striving to keep one step ahead of the competition.

Previous / Current Clients

Listed below are just a few of the clients Gavin and the team have worked with over the years.*

*The clients listed above may not have been clients of Kindigital, but clients of various agencies the team have worked at / or as part of previously.